Nite Ize Products for the Adventurous Gadget Lover

Nite Ize is a company that produces many different types of gadgets. Those lovers of the outdoors would appreciate their products,  such as this one we reviewed on The Geek Church. Today, I have a list of other gadgets that will be helpful for those on the go.

Nite Ize Radiant 300 Rechargeable Headlamp

photo credits: Nite Ize

This headlamp comes with an easy to adjust band. It charges up fully in two hours with the included micro USB cable. How long the battery lasts depends on which of the 5 modes(High spot/low spot, high beam, low beam, and red) you are using. The longest lasting is 36 hours on the flood low setting. If you are going to use the high spot light the whole time, you will only get four hours of battery life. Spot and flood modes can be used together.

It’s a durable little device and water resistant. You can also adjust the beam by tilting the headlight body up to 90 degrees, which is a great feature as well.

This item can be bought in blue or green for $49.99.



photo of the radiant rechargeable micro lantern

This device is really fun and great to bring along on a backpacking trip to light up a tent, or a variety of other uses. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge this little luminary ball that can light a small space in colors of red, green, blue, white and disco mode. This full charge will give you about 10 hours of light. The lighted ball swivels 360 degrees on the clip. It’s water resistant, so you can use it outside- even when raining. $19.99 will get you this fun little gadget.




Life’s Adventure Kit by Nite Ize

Box of Nite Ize gear

Nite Ize has put together a kit of their products that could benefit an outdoors lover, and specifically for fishing. This package includes:


The S-Biner Microlock can clip your items together. Both gates on each side of the S lock securely, so you have peace of mind. Alone, this aluminum item retails for $10.99 for a 5 pack of orange, blue, black, red and green ones.


The Doohickey fishkey is a multi-tool shaped like a fish, and about the size of a key. It includes an s-biner, so you can secure it nicely to a keychain or zipper. It includes a bottle opener, serrated edge for cutting fishing line, and screwdriver edge for prying things open as well. This item alone retails for $6.49.





Steelie-dash kit

This is a mounting system for your cell phone. We’ve reviewed this kind of product before. 3M mounting adhesive holds the metal ball securely to a flat surface. The magnet mount also holds well on the back of most phones. Together, they work as a socket joint, so you can adjust and hold your phone in different viewing angles. This retails for $42.99.




The Nite Ize Clip Case Sideways comes in three sizes. We got the XL case, which will fit most phones and their cases, and some other items as well. There’s a velcro closure, and a sturdy plastic clip to attach to a belt that is at least 2.1875 inches wide. Alone, this case is $14.49.





Holding your soda or other beverage hands-free is easy with this holster that clips to belts, but also rotates to fit waistbands and back-pack straps as well. The holster expands to fit pretty much any drink from a small soda can, up to a larger mug. This item is $19.99.





Last, but not least, we have an assortment of flexible, tough rubber twist ties that have ridges to help grip cords or other items and hold them together.  A variety of sizes and colors come together in this package that is valued at $24.49.






That all adds up to the price of the kit- which is $119.44. Personally, I would think that they should give a deal for buying them altogether, but if you like and need all of these items in your life, then you should buy the Adventure Kit.

We received these items for free to review, but no other compensation or sponsorship is provided for our fair and unbiased analysis.

Tropo Lightweight Air Pump by FlexWeightGear

We were pleased to get this new lightweight pump that is an Indiegogo project to review. The Tropo pump by FlexWeightGear will be a great accessory for those with an outdoor lifestyle.


Tropo is an air pump that is both lightweight and affordable. It’s also versatile with its multiple attachments to inflate items, fan flames, blow away small debris, or even suck air out of vacuum seal bags. The pump comes with 4 attachments. From left to right in the picture above, they are:

  • Vacuum nozzle- Goes on the top side that you see in the picture to vacuum seal bags
  • Sharp air nozzle-For inflating beach balls or beach toys
  • Large caliber air nozzle- For inflating large air mattresses or directing air to fan flames
  • Rubber air nozzle- Fits over valves on some outdoor air mattresses


The nozzles and the Tropo pump all fit in a small black drawstring bag. I didn’t see the little bag in their Indiegogo pictures, but it came in the Tropo box I received. By the way, this box has all the tips and instructions written on it, so you might not want to recycle the box until you know the ins and outs of your device.

Did I mention the Tropo is lightweight? Without batteries, it weighs 100 grams. It only requires 4 AA batteries, which really is amazing. My regular battery operated pump is about twice the size and takes 6 C batteries! That’s a lot of weight to lug around, and more expensive to power. The little Tropo pump is efficient, too, and can fill up an air mattress in the same amount of time as my bigger pump in the picture.

So, the Tropo pump is not yet on Amazon, as it’s still on Indiegogo- probably for another month from the time of writing this. If you want to buy the Tropo, you can go to this site and choose your color of green, pink, gray or blue. You could also choose which early bird package you would like. Just for the single pump, it costs $19. The cost says it is marked down from $27. I would hope they keep the pump at the Indiegogo price. I think it’s definitely worth the $20 price tag. The bigger pump I have is more affordable, but again, it uses more batteries that are harder to find, and the weight makes the Tropo worth it.

Thanks to FlexTailGear for providing this pump for us to try out. I hope they would consider sending us their air mattress(also available as an option on their Indiegogo page) to review. No other compensation has been given for our fair and unbiased analysis.