Outdoor Tech and the Buckshot Pro Ultra

A couple of years ago, we did a review on the Geek Church about the Buckshot 2.0. The product by Outdoor Tech got a bit of a boost with an all-in-one wireless speaker, flashlight, and power bank. We have a chance to review this for you today.

photo credit:Outdoor Tech

This product is very similar to the 2.0 with the speaker part- at least in the rugged design and look. The buttons to control the speaker part are mostly the same. The difference is in the flashlight, of course, and there is only about half the Bluetooth range and battery time. A 2,600 mAh lithium battery gives out quite a bit of power. This one also has a USB output so you can charge your devices. The flashlight has four settings- high beam, low beam, strobe/SOS, and lantern mode. The brightness goes up to 100 lumens.

Attaching your speaker/flash-light to something like the handle bar on your bike is easy. A handle bar mount is included, and  looks like this:

If you need a bike headlight at night, this is not a great solution. You would probably need something with more lumens. Maybe you still might like it mounted for the tunes, and using the flashlight for something else, though. Other ways to mount include using the standard 1/4”-20 thread and mounting clip.

This gadget is pretty cool for outdoor use, and it has some water and dust/dirt resistance, but is not completely waterproof. It would make a great camping flashlight, especially if you are out somewhere that doesn’t have accessible power outlets.

If you want to purchase one for yourself, it currently costs $65.95 on the website for the Black and Sailor Blue color, and $70.95 for the Mossy Oak(camouflage) one .

We were not paid for this review, though we did receive the product for free. No other compensation was given for our fair and unbiased analysis.

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