MP Magic Socks Solve Putrid Pedi Problems

If you have issues with stinky feet, these MP Magic Socks may be the answer to your putrid-pedi problems.

These socks are said to have magic antibacterial powers due to three infused metals of silver, copper, and zinc. We were sent a pair of these socks(as shown above) for free to try out for review purposes.

I have worn these socks for 5 days now, and they don’t stink. They don’t smell like roses, either. I think it’s necessary to take them off at night so they can have a chance to dry out. The socks that I received to review were thin, but comfortable. They would make a good pair of liner socks on a backpacking trip.

They do have a variety of styles and patterns for men and women. They start about $10 a pair- which is comparable to the price of Smart Wool socks.

If you are interested in buying these socks, they are currently sold on the MP Magic Socks website.

Although we received a free pair to review, no other compensation was given for our fair and unbiased analysis.


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