A Momentous Day- Scouts BSA Launch Day Welcomes All Girls

Today is the day that begins a new legacy in the Boy Scouts of America. Today, girls ages 10 1/2 to 18 will be welcomed into Scouts-BSA. Now, they can earn those merit badges and work all the way up to Eagle like they’ve seen their brothers do.

My daughter will be pioneering by helping to get our new troop for girls started. She doesn’t really care about earning Eagle, although she has the ability to get an extension as a 16 year old joining BSA if she would like. Now she has the ability to earn those merit badges that she has taught at Boy Scout camp in the past.


ScoutsĀ  is a place where our youth can learn the skills needed to succeed at life. Are you interested in being part of this adventure? Go to BeAScout.org to learn more and find a troop near you! Leave a comment below if you’d like to chat some more about this day in history!

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